How Can I Correct An Address Mistake On My Title?

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How Can I Correct An Address Mistake On My Title?

by NeedTags | 02-11-2023

You'll Want To First Correct Your Address On DMV Records

We recommend first completing the DMV's change of address form. After you correct your address online, wait at least 10 days, then you can visit the DMV and request a duplicate title and registration card with your correct address. You'll be able to pickup the registration card on the spot, and you'll be mailed a new Certificate of Title in 4 to 6 weeks. You'll need to surrender your old title with the incorrect address to the DMV during your visit. Getting a new registration card and pink slip with your correct address can also be handled at a local registration service provider office if you want to save time.

We recommend submitting for a change of address with the DMV before visiting a field office so you don't end up wasting time in line only to find out that due to the incorrect address on the title and registration card, the DMV has updated your entire record with an incorrect address... which is more than likely what has happened. Change (or correct) your address on DMV records first. Do it online... it's pretty simple and straight forward, but it does require you to create an online DMV account.

Change Of Address Online

Follow this link to correct your address online... DMV Change Address Online

Change Of Address By Mail

You can also submit a Change of Address by mail. You'll need to download a REG 14 form (Notice of Change of Address). You can download the REG 14 from our DMV Forms Download page here. Once you get the form completed, go ahead and mail it to the address below. Allow at least 20 days from the date you mail in the REG 14 before you order any replacement registration document or vehicle pink slip. Mailing in your change of address form, as opposed to doing it online, will take a bit longer.

Mail To:
DMV Change of Address
P.O. Box 942859
Sacramento, CA 94259-0001

Should you wish to avoid visiting the DMV, contact us after you complete the DMV online address change form and we'll explain how to request a duplicate title and registration card online through NeedTags.

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Retrieving DMV Records

Retrieving DMV Records
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