The DMV Does Not Have Record of My Smog Certificate

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The DMV Does Not Have Record of My Smog Certificate

by NeedTags Support

One possibility would be, and please excuse us if we're way off on this one, that the 90 days in which a smog certificate is valid had expired by the time your registration renewal payment was received and processed by the DMV. Again, we might be wrong. Since we don't have the exact timeline in which you had the smog inspection and paid the DMV renewal payment, it'll be hard for us to be certain. But again we'll mention, just in case, a smog check certificate is valid for 90 days only. If this is not the case and you made your renewal payment at least 2 weeks before the 90 day expiration date of the smog certificate (which is about the time it takes the DMV to process registration renewals and payments when renewing by mail), then we recommend contacting the DMV for clarification. It's quite possible a glitch in their system has stopped your vehicle's smog check history (passing certificate) from being recorded. You may reach the California DMV at (800) 777-0133. There is usually a hold-time, so we'd encourage you to try our customer support team as well. We'll try and pull your vehicle's DMV records to see what payments have been made and whether your smog check results were recorded at the DMV. Call us at (800) 300-7311 to speak with one of our agents.

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Retrieving DMV Records

Retrieving DMV Records
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