Temporary Address Change from California to New York

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Temporary Address Change from California to New York

by NeedTags Support

File a REG 5103 - Temporary Smog Check Exemption

Thank you for your question Isabelle! Here the link for more information on this topic. We can process your REG 5103 online and mail your registration sticker to New York, no problem.

Smog Exemption for California Car in New York


As for the temporary address change situation, you can use this link... https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/online-change-of-address-coa-system/ but quite frankly, your return date is a bit to soon for the DMV to change your address to New York, and then change it back to California once you get back. Unfortunately they don't work that fast. If it works for you, have us mail your new tags to NY, keep you address on DMV record as it exists (California), and if you need to do this again in the future, just revisit our site. We're here to help!

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