Paid Renewal Fees But DMV Won't Give Me New Sticker

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Paid Renewal Fees But DMV Won't Give Me New Sticker

by NeedTags | 06-06-2022

Did you recently purchase this vehicle? Or is there a title transfer involved? Perhaps the vehicle or its paperwork is being inspected/investigated, this includes its smog inspection if one was required during a registration renewal. Unfortunately the only way to get a real answer is by addressing the DMV. We'd recommend asking to speak with a supervisor. Attempt to get in touch with a supervisor by phone from Sacramento first. This will eliminate further trips to the local field office. Whatever is causing you not to get your new sticker is not an issue with the local DMV office, rather a matter with the State. If Sacramento cannot give you an answer, your local office will not have an answer either. Try calling the DMV inspectors office also to find out if there is anything pertaining to your vehicle's license plate and/or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in their system. You can reach the DMV at (800) 777-0133.

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Retrieving DMV Records

Retrieving DMV Records
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