In VA Temporarily and Need Smog for CA Registration Renewal

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In VA Temporarily and Need Smog for CA Registration Renewal

by NeedTags Support

The new form the DMV uses for smog check exemption when a vehicle is temporarily out of state and needs a smog check is REG 5103. The DMV will renew the vehicle's registration without a smog check if a form REG 5103 is submitted along with the registration renewal. The REG 5103 allows vehicle owners whose vehicles are currently and temporarily located out of state to bypass the smog check requirement; with the promise that you'll get the smog check as soon as you get back to California.

The REG 5103 is being used now instead of the REF 256 because it's really a fill-in the blanks type of document... simple to complete and straight forward. Simply fill out and sign the REG 5103, explaining your vehicle is in Virginia and the DMV will renew your vehicle's registration without a smog check.

It's important to note, when using the REG 5103 and processing your renewal through the DMV, your new registration card and sticker will be mailed to the address on DMV record... not where your vehicle is currently located.

If this does not work for you, choose to renew your vehicle registration through NeedTags. Email us the 5103 instead of mailing it to the DMV, and we'll ship your new registration card and sticker to any U.S. address you choose, and without a smog check.

If you're going to use the DMV to renew your registration, our recommendation is that you mail-in the REG 5103 far in advance of the expiration of your registration. It takes approximately 4 weeks for the DMV to review smog exemption requests. Download a Temporary Smog Exemption (Reg 5103) .

Please Note: Filling for an out-of-state smog exemption through NeedTags is an additional paid service. You must contact us prior to submitting your order.

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