I Have Not Received My Disabled Person Parking Placard

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I Have Not Received My Disabled Person Parking Placard

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You may need to order a replacement placard. Here's how.

You're correct, permanent disabled person parking placards are automatically renewed and mailed by the DMV to the address on record. Mail does get lost. Handicap placards are valuable, they get stolen too. We recommend contacting the DMV at (800) 777-0133 to inquire on whether or not your renewed placard was mailed out and if so, when. Should your new placard have been lost in the mail or perhaps stolen, you'll need to complete a Application for Replacement Plates, Stickers, Documents (REG 156) (PDF) and mail it to the DMV at:

DMV Placard
PO Box 942869
Sacramento, CA 94269-0001

You will receive your parking placard replacement in approximately four weeks after you submit the completed form.

What if I've moved?

If you have recently moved you'll need to file a DMV 14 (Change of Address) form in order to receive your disabled person placard at your new address. The DMV’s online service for filing a change of address is not available for placards. Your change of address must be completed by mail or in-person at a local DMV office. Complete the DMV 14 and mail it to the address on the form. Remember to also complete and mail in the REG 156 in order to receive a replacement disabled parking placard if you believe the original placard was lost or stolen.

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