Traveling Nurse Needs To Renew CA Vehicle Registration

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Traveling Nurse Needs To Renew CA Vehicle Registration

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Online Vehicle Registration For Travelling Nurses

Thank you for your service! We understand your frustration and want you to know that we can help. To clarify for other travelling nurses, registering your vehicle in the state in which you are currently working in is not required when you are only there temporarily. "Temporarily" may mean one week, or maybe one year. It makes no difference. So long as you are not establishing permanent residency you do not need to register the vehicle with the out-of-state Department of Motor Vehicles.
Online Vehicle Registration for Travelling Nurses

What is required however is that the registration for the vehicle, from whichever state it is currently registered in, be renewed as required on or before its expiration date and valid sticker being displayed on the vehicle's license plate. That being said you are correct in that the DMV in California can only mail registration documents (stickers and tags) to your address on DMV records. In this specific case, to your California mailing address.

If you have someone at your California address who can forward your mail, this would not be a big problem. Online Vehicle Registration for Travelling Nurses An inconvenience perhaps but ultimately you'd get a hold of your DMV tags; affix them to your California license plate and go out SAVING lives! Now in case there's no one available to forward your mail, or you wish not to go through the inconvenience, we can help.

Renew your registration online here and for your mailing address enter the out-of-state address which you're currently at. If you plan on being there for at least the next 2 weeks, choose Express 3-5 day shipping. This should cover you. If you're headed out to a new RN position at perhaps a different hospital or medical facility and very soon, choose to have your registration overnighted. You do not have to register your car in a new state for each assignment. You want to keep the vehicle registered at your tax home (California), which is the permanent address that you live at when you're not working.

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